Prize Recipient


Aria Hamann
Westmont College


I come from a multicultural quilt, each new color woven into the rest to create one variegated tapestry: Aria, me. I am from Grants Pass, Oregon, but I am also from Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, and every other place I’ve lived. These places are woven into my quilt. My diverse experiences have enriched me, and sculpted me into who I am today. I am drawn to physics because of its challenge, scope, and adventurous nature. It is a fluid field, constantly changing. I am especially fascinated with acoustics, and I hope to eventually apply my love of physics as an architect. My high school physics teacher, Dr. Clouse, initially inspired me to pursue physics. She taught me to love problems that make my mind spin, and to be creative in my approach to physics, and to be fearless in my learning. Next year I will be attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. I intend to double major in Physics and Studio Art. I am excited to embark on the next adventure, and to continue adding vibrant color to my quilt.