Prize Recipient

Bree Guerra, 2005

Bree Guerra


My name is Bree Kathleen Guerra, and I was born in Austin, Texas to David and Sherri Guerra. When I was six, my family moved to McAllen, a growing town in deep south Texas, and has lived here ever since. I am a sophomore physics major at the University of Texas at Austin and a member of the Deans Scholars Honors Program and our local Society of Physics chapter. I have been interested in science ever since I was young, and once I encountered physics I knew I found the field in which to make my career. Physics has the fascinating ability to define and explain the complex beauty of the world around me. Although I would love to focus my abilities in research, somehow I sense that for me this would not be enough. Teaching, at whatever level, would allow me to share my passion for science with others and perhaps inspire someone else to study the wonders that nature holds for us to find. Along with physics, I also deeply enjoy classical piano, which I have been playing ever since I was young.