Prize Recipient


Madison Greene
Rice University


My name is Maddy Greene and I’m from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. I live on the island named after the atoll, and it’s only three miles long and a half-mile wide. The community is only made up of 1,100 people, and the junior-senior high school is made up of only one hundred students. As you can tell, I have grown up in a unique environment where we don’t have any cars; we only use bicycles. We don’t have cell phone service, and we recently received high-speed internet two months ago! I chose to study physics simply because I find it very interesting—fixating is more like it. I’m surrounded by physicists on this island, all of them working with missile testing, whether they’re working with the radars or the actual weapons themselves. I know many of them personally, and talking to them really has inspired me from a young age to go into the field. This fall, I am going to attend Rice University to study astrophysics, since my passion still lies in the stars. I’m rather excited to go in August to start this new chapter in my life.