Prize Recipient

Ismael Gomez

Ismael Gomez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


My name is Ismael Gómez, though everyone simply calls me Izzy. I was born in San Diego, CA, but have lived in Las Vegas, NV for practically my entire life up to graduation from Northwest CTA.  This fall I will be joining the Class of 2017 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); I intend to study physics and computer science.

My love for physics was triggered a couple of years ago when, after a seemingly deterring experience in my first physics classroom, I watched documentaries about the nature of our universe and the implications it has for us a species.  Naturally, I became extremely curious, which led me to continue my pursuit of knowledge in the field by reading university textbooks and science non-fiction. Inherent with the study of natural laws, mathematics became an impetus for my developing passion, too. The notion that reality can be explained by logical scribbles on a piece of paper is astounding. These amazing insights moved me to study physics, ergo major in it as well.

Outside of physics I enjoy playing sports, particularly soccer and weight training, and playing games and puzzles, such as chess, Rubik’s cube, and Monopoly. Finally, I am grateful to APS for this generous scholarship and honor—thank you!