Prize Recipient

Rudy Garcia

Rodolfo Garcia
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


My name is Rudy Garcia, and I'm from Newport Beach, California. I didn't always love physics, in fact, I was absolutely terrified of it before I first took the class sophomore year of high school. But when I started actually doing and learning it, I just couldn't stop. To me, the appeal of physics comes from the fact that it is the purest science, and when I learn about physics, I'm learning about the complexities of the universe. The best part is that every time one question is answered, three more pop up, so it's not possible for me to get enough of the subject. I hope to spread my love of physics and science in general across the world, and campaign to increase the scientific literacy of the public, either through teaching at a university, advising the government, or even serving in Congress. I'll be starting that journey this fall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I plan to major in Physics and as many other things as possible.