Prize Recipient


Cristian Garcia
University of Texas at Austin


My name is Cristian Garcia, I was born in Chicago, Illinois and lived there for nine years. I guess it was there, at a young age, that I was raised to be observational and start learning about the world around me. When I was about 9, I moved to the ever hot city of Fort Worth in Texas, where I realized my interests into passion. Ironically, as much as I learned that Fort Worth has some of the nicest people around, I found that I loved physics from one of the toughest teachers I had had thus far, my mechanics teacher. But as tough as he was, he taught the course with so much knowledge about the subject, that I couldn't resist getting pulled in. Learning about the world around, and the concepts that we take for granted, inspire new questions to be brought forward. Thanks to all the help from Mr. Gossman, I will be attending The University of Texas at Austin in the fall.