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Johari Frasier

Johari Frasier


Johari Menelik Frasier was born on 5 February 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Ivy League Learning Center until completing kindergarten at which time he was enrolled in Friends School of Baltimore where he stayed until he graduated high school. Johari has been inducted into the Cum Laude Society and the National Society for High School Scholars and was voted co-president of his senior class.

When he was a young boy, Johari became very interested in science. He was generally and genuinely curious about how and why things worked. Strangely enough, the cartoon Dexters Laboratory helped foster his love of the sciences and solidified his devotion to them. As time progressed, Johari went through different scientific fields. At first he wanted to be a paleontologist and study dinosaurs. Then, with age, he decided to become a mechanical engineer and build robots. However, he realized that neither of those fields could satisfy his curiosity as to how and why things work. Physics was something that could answer the fundamental questions of the universe, and could lead him to new knowledge that would raise more delightful questions. It is this ultimate nature that physics contains that has driven him to want to study physics.

Of course, Johari enjoys other things besides the sciences. He thoroughly enjoys music, being both a trumpet player and a singer. He has also found great joy in acting, and has developed an affinity for musical theater. Johari has also been an epée fencer since he was thirteen.