Prize Recipient

Rodrigo Farnham

Rodrigo Farnham


My name is Rodrigo Farnham and I am an APS minority scholarship recipient.

I was born in Brazil and lived there until I was 11. I lived one year in Mexico and four in Erie, Pennsylvania. Currently I live in Slidell, Louisiana. I want to major in Physics and Math, and perhaps Electromechanical Engineering. I intend to pursue a PhD in Physics or Math. When I was younger, my parents gave me science books. These books sparked my interest in physics. Later, seeing the great accomplishments achieved in space exploration, I knew I wanted to contribute. After getting a PhD, I want to conduct research in theoretical propulsion-- such as the one suggested by Miguel Alcubierre--or in Numerical Relativity.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing the violin and chess. I would like to attain a master title or beyond in chess. I'm also interested in programming because of its applications in other fields and for the sake of problem solving in itself.