Prize Recipient

Okenna Egwu

Okenna Egwu


I, Okenna Egwu, was born on the twenty-second day of June in the hot summer of 1988. Initially, people are startled by my young age but I usually tend to pay it little mind. I grew up on the north side of Chicago and at the age of seven moved to the western suburb of Maywood where I currently reside.

It was there that I attended Proviso East High School and met a teacher who has had a profound influence on my choice of major. During my senior year, I took an AP physics class that stimulated my mind in a way that I had never before experienced. Prior to my senior year I imagined myself pursuing a career in psychology. After taking an elementary psyche class, I decided that this subject was not for me.

My physics instructor, Mr. Edward Beidas held a certain fascination with physics that lesser interested individuals generally consider to be insane. I learned to appreciate his enthusiasm and dedication. Under his guidance, I explored the intriguing world of physics. As I expanded my knowledge for the subject, I began to realize I would actually enjoy dedicating my life to this arena.

Toward the end of August, I will be going to Bradley University to study physics full time as a freshman. I imagine this to be an interesting and fulfilling quest with many opportunities. I probably will spend a great portion of my free time there playing intramural basketball and volleyball. I also enjoy playing the guitar and just talking with friends. My interest in psychology is quite present in my social life. I enjoy interacting with other people.

Another significant part of my life is my religion. I am an active member of my church participating in choirs and being of aid wherever possible. For the last few winters I have helped pack Christmas baskets for the less fortunate. I feel that my church has had a significant influence on my upbringing and has made me a much better person. I believe that it has refined my personality and character.

My ambitions include finishing school and eventually attaining a doctorate degree. As of now I am not sure what my ultimate career choice will be, nonetheless I know that it will have involvement with physics. In the future I am looking forward to going to college and making a lot of new friends.