Prize Recipient

Connie Cuevas

Consuelo Cuevas
Cornell University


My name is Consuelo Cuevas, and I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. My interest in physics began with curiosity and the passion to know more. My strong drive to become someone and to change my community into a better one led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics at Cornell. As I went through my first year, I realized that I couldn't go without math, science, and art in my life. I am a dedicated artist, a devout violin player, infatuated with calculus and hooked on physics. My ambition is led by the strength of my passions, therefore I cannot let go of any of them and because of that I plan to also minor in game design.

My role model in life has been Helen Keller. My inspirational guide in Physics is my advisor Lena Kourkoutis, and my propellant towards engineering is Mariela Garcia.  I still can't believe I have been able to experience so many things in so little time, I was able to attend the CUWiP conference at Stony Brook University, I was able to join a project team and do an internship with a startup company in Cornell. Now I have been given the opportunity to do research with one of my professors. Every single aspect of physics has thrilled me and I am excited for all the other things it will continue to surprise me with. I attribute my story, success and happiness to the wonders of Physics.