Prize Recipient

Connie Cuevas

Consuelo Cuevas
Cornell University


My story began like an unstoppable cycle. I am a Hispanic woman: a first-generation, college-bound student and oldest daughter in my family. My life has consisted of economic, emotional, and health hardships, but also of strength and perseverance. Life has given me the lesson that it is not always about letting the cycle continue but applying a force to end the wheel’s incessant cycle.

My forces are math, science, and art. These forces are where I have devoted my time and energy. I am a dedicated artist, a devout violin player, infatuated with calculus, and hooked on physics. I plan to double major in Physics and Engineering. My ambition is led by the strength of my passions; I cannot let go of any of them.

My role model in life has been Helen Keller. My inspirational guide in Physics is Richard Gossman, and my propellant towards engineering is Mariela Garcia. My role models all shared different goals and distances to travel, but their work equated to the same two variables.  Distance determined the amount of work they had to apply to successfully gain the force to overcome obstacles. In the end, they share the accomplishment of reaching their endpoint. Role models are one of the keys to closing the gap for minorities and the social economically handicapped; By the prospects of the Work Energy Theorem we can assume the greater the work, the greater the participation, and the greater the results. I attribute my story to the wonders of Physics.