Prize Recipient

Peter Cruz

Peter Cruz
Adelphi University


My name is Peter J. Cruz.  I am currently a sophomore at Adelphi University in New York, majoring in physics.  I chose the subject as a major because of the passion I have developed for it over the years. Physics always interested me and I wondered what it was that made it catch the attention of Albert Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisenberg and the lot of great physicists.  After taking AP Physics I understood the growth of curiosity of these great scientists for the subject.  Physics immediately stood out from the other sciences.  It was truly the first subject that challenged me to push myself beyond my boundaries and develop analytic skills as never before.  Once I learned about electricity and magnetism I found my calling.  Since then I have aspired to become an electrical engineer.  My diligence in school has taken me closer to that goal every passing day. 

I also have a fascination with rocket science and problem solving, and therefore dream of one day working for NASA.  With a world shifting towards green energy I would use my knowledge of electrical engineering to improve technology for a healthy environment-friendly future; one where humanity can rely on ingenuity and not be shackled by the limitation of resources.  I believe knowledge is a blessing and a powerful tool for benefitting society.  It should not be wasted or used selfishly.  Thus, I also have the desire of passing on what I have learned.  I am currently a tutor and recitation instructor at my university and intend to become a physics teacher and teach at the high school or university level.  Receiving an APS Minority Scholarship is a great support in reaching my goals.