Prize Recipient


Daniel Contreras
Pomona College


My name is Daniel Contreras. I am a physics student at Pomona College. My parents are both of Mexican descent and I am a first generation college student. I have been interested in science since I was a child, studying insects and reptiles. My interest in physics began in middle school during my first physical science course. I have discovered how broad science is since beginning my college physics career. I hope to continue my training and discover which field within physics really holds my interest. My past two summers have involved research in astronomy at Pomona. Telescopes and stars have recently sparked my fascination and I hope to continue my research in adaptive optics. My hope is that my work will develop many new instruments that will give scientists the ability to improve their research. My future lies in graduate school, where I will focus on whatever area of physics captures my interest. I hope to craft a strong career around physics.