Prize Recipient


Sarah Caballero
Hope College


My name is Sarah Caballero and I’m from Yorba Linda, CA.  I’ve been fascinated with astronomy since first grade, and I would stargaze and find constellations whenever the sky was clear.  A few years ago, I read an online article that briefly mentioned the Theory of Relativity.  Interested, I researched the topic and, through cross-referencing, found my way to other topics of astrophysics and theoretical physics.  I pursued these subjects with open courseware, including a self-study quantum mechanics class.  Since I enjoyed the abstract, mathematical nature of physics, I decided to major in it before I even took high school physics.  This fall, I will be attending Hope College to double major in mathematics and physics with a research concentration in astrophysics.  Afterwards, I plan to attend graduate school to concentrate in theoretical physics, and my goal is to conduct research as a career.