Prize Recipient


Daniel Bulhosa-Solorzano
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


My name is Daniel Bulhosa, and I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, though I currently live in Oberlin, Ohio. I have been drawn to science since I can remember, and so, since I have always had an inclination towards math, physics became the natural choice by the time I got to high school. Today, it is the mathematical elegance of our physical models and the desire to help create even more elegant ones that makes me passionate about physics.

With the help of the American Physical Society I have attended MIT for the past year, and will attend this upcoming school year. Over this past spring I had the great opportunity to join Professors Alan Guth and David Kaiser’s density perturbations research group, which aims to gain insight about the mechanism responsible for the formation of structure during the universe’s inflationary period. This summer my subgroup will be studying density perturbations in inflationary multifield models.

I hope to double major in physics and mathematics, eventually go to graduate school, and study string theory. In my spare time I enjoy sailing, exploring Boston, sports, and hanging out with my friends.