Prize Recipient

Luis Bryce

Luis Bryce


My name is Luis Alfonso Bryce, and I was born in Lima, Perú. Having lived there until being six-years old, I moved to Caracas, Venezuela, after which, I finally arrived in the United States. I have lived in Miami since 1998.

I have always been curious about physical phenomena, yet I did not discover physics as a profession until I was in high school. My first course in physics (11th grade) opened up this world to me. Trying to comprehend my surroundings, physics was able to provide a plethora of explanations. Concepts that seem simplistic now, such as kinematic motion, were areas of thought into which no other class had ever allowed me to delve. Physics also allowed me to finally apply mathematics to a worthwhile enterprise. I had always enjoyed math, but I did not experience the level of engagement that I do now. Beforehand, I could not grasp the usefulness that mathematical relationships play in other subjects. For all that, I sincerely thank my first physics teacher, Mr. Robin Hori.

I am now a junior at the University of Miami, majoring in physics and mathematics. The UM physics department numbers around 50 people between students of all levels, professors, and employees, so I enjoy being able to know most of the professors and my fellow students. The classes are small, which allows for better comprehension of the subjects.

In physics I have found an extraordinarily challenging subject, but also one that keeps me coming back for more.