Prize Recipient

Alaric Bryant

Alaric Bryant
Duke University


My name is Alaric Avery Bryant and I am member of the Lumbee American Indian
tribe from Pembroke, North Carolina. My favorite subjects are math and science because
they complement each other. I have always dreamed of going into the field of science, and learned of my interest in physics after taking AP physics in my senior year of high school. I find it very intriguing to try to explain the universe around me. I love math and science and know there are many promising careers and opportunities within this field. I took AP physics, AP biology, and AP calculus my senior year in high school in hopes they would provide a solid academic foundation when I begin my college coursework.

Physics is the basis of all the sciences, and there are limitless possibilities for research in that realm. Physics is also closely related to the field of engineering as well as other scientific areas. Today, my dream is to graduate with my Ph.D. in the field of physics. Whatever field I choose, I plan to make a difference. I will move away from my hometown and attend Duke University. It is my goal to be a role model to future generations of American Indian youth. This scholarship will provide a foundation for achieving that goal.