Prize Recipient

Jeremy Phillippe Broadnax

Jeremy Phillippe Broadnax


So many questions in the physical world fascinate me. Currently, physicists have a theory called the superstring theory which may possible fulfill Einstein's dream - unifying the fundamental forces through extension into higher dimension fo hyperspace. Another fo Einstein's theories involves the existence of wormholes, a phenomenon that mystifies me. If you can move through space, why not move through time as well? Well, even though this seems contradictory to many physicists, some say that it may be done this is only a small peek of interesting things going on in modern physics today. I am someone who loves to study the unknown. I hope to be able to help answer some fo the questions presented by the universe most likely in the field of nuclear/particle physics to explore the basic structure of the universe.

Presently I attend Abilene Christian University because they are involved in interesting research collaboration and I really felt that God was calling me there. I try to stay involved in the community at ACU. Things that I have done and will continue to do include the LYNAY Group, Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, an organization dedicated to building community. I will be a Sophomore Class Senator in the Student Association, a Welcome Week Contact Group Leader and I was a member of the Freshman Action Council.

I hope to bring a positive attitude, a sense of leadership, and the strength I receive from God to my experiencing at Abilene.