Prize Recipient


Michael Brannan
Westmont College


My name is Michael Tyler Brannan and I have lived in Garden Grove, California all my life.  I am attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.  I am fascinated with mathematics, the sciences, and the diverse ways that they are interconnected.  I welcome the challenge physics presents and enjoy tackling its puzzles.  With math, my appreciation is a result of being able to solve problems that I once envisioned impossible to deduce.  Science gives me the ability to answer my ever-present question of “why?”  I am an analytical individual and a critical thinker who is highly motivated to come to an understanding of the laws by which the universe operates.  I am also passionate about music, environmental conservation, and community service.  I value character, trust, honesty, courage, and perseverance.  My family has raised me to uphold my morals in all situations, to stand strong under pressure, and to set high standards.  With a strong work ethic and a humble heart, I seek excellence through persistence and commitment to goals.