Prize Recipient

Andrew Aponte

Andrew Aponte



My name is Andrew Aponte and I hope to become a theoretical physicist in the field of article physics.  My love for the sciences, and especially physics, has existed ever since I can remember.  I have always had a fascination for the way in which the world around me functions, especially in terms of emergence, how a congregation of small events can lead to an observable large scale event.  

Nearly all of the sciences explore how smaller constituents cause the macroscopic events that we observe on a day to day basis.  As a particle physicist I would be able to understand how matter and energy interact at the smallest scales and how their interactions with one another create the myriad of phenomena that make the universe so wonderful to observe.  I am a continuously curious individual whose motivation mostly stems out of the urge to understand how the universe, society, or just about anything else works the way it does.  

Although I take a great interest in science I haven't turned my back on humanities, including taking part in an extracurricular art-related club during the last four years.  This year, I will be graduating from my high school in New York and I hope to continue my learning experience at MIT this fall, working toward a career in particle physics (or any other subfield of physics, should it take my interest).