Prize Recipient


Marianna Agudelo
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


My name is Marianna Agudelo. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, although my family is from Colombia. I always wanted to be a scientist, from a very early age; my interest in physics particularly was sparked by my high school teacher’s discussion of nuclear and quantum physics. This realm of physics fascinates me especially. It presents so many problems and questions that remain unanswered, which are a wonderful challenge. In the near future, I hope to contribute to—either by clarifying or adding to—the mystery of quantum physics, and would especially like to conduct research in this area. 

I spent last summer studying at the MITES program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and this summer I will be interning at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, in the Quantum Information Systems group. In the fall, I will return to MIT as a freshman, where I plan to major in physics and nuclear engineering.