Tips for Visitors Making a Temporary Visit Outside of the U.S.

International visitors who are currently in the United States and plan to make a temporary visit to their home country and re-apply for a US visa during that time should make some of their return preparations before leaving the US. The following suggestions may lessen the hardship of waiting for your visa to be processed.

What to do Before You Leave

Visit the US Department of State’s Visa Wait Times website
Estimate the average wait for scheduling visa interviews and processing non-immigrant visa applications at US Consulates worldwide.
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Visa Wait Times

Visit US Embassies' consular section websites

Review local visa procedures and find instructions on how to make an interview appointment.
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Schedule your interview
Request that your interview occur as soon as possible once you arrive in your home country

Make backup arrangements

Make plans for food and housing in the unlikely event of an excessively delayed visa. Students should arrange for a way to communicate with their advisors when outside of the United States.