Articles from the International News Column of APS News

APS partnership with Brazilian Physical Society connects Young Physicists Worldwide
The African Physics Newsletter Celebrates Its First Anniversary
International Students Key to Colorado Economy
Fellow Young Physicists—Get Involved in Human Rights
African Light Source Garners Critical Political Backing.
The APS Task Force on Expanding International Engagement
Physicists in Lebanon: Passion and Talent Striving to Overcome Adversity
Supporting Physics Education in Ethiopia
First physics society in Qatar setting ambitious precedents in the Region
Human Rights of Scientists – A Matter of Global Concern
Physics in Africa: An APS Project Poised for Impact
Students from Cuba participated this year for the first time
Bringing the Joy of Scientific Inquiry to Girls in Pakistan
Investing in the Future of Global Science
CAM2017 — Call for Abstracts Now Open
Theoretical Physics is Much More than Equations: Origins of the African School for Electronic Structure Methods and Applications
The European Scientific Advice Mechanism puts science at the heart of policy
Why India Matters
Dynamic Changes in Chinese Condensed Matter Physics: A Personal Journey
An International Cosmic Observatory Launches a New Field of Physics
Working Together Towards a Future Circular Collider
Fostering U.S.-Korean Physics Collaboration
Ukrainian Scientists Need Our Help
From the APS Office of International Affairs
Learning from Germany’s Approach to Global Science
New US-China Young Physicists Forum: Opportunity for Graduate Students at 2015 March Meeting
Doha: A Beacon for Science in the Middle East
Thoughts about Russian Science, with Love and Bitterness
Rethinking US Visa Policy to Compete Globally for Talent
Asia-Europe Physics Summit Provides a Global Perspective
Brazil: I taught, I learned, I lived!
Attitudes towards teaching evolution in Turkey
The Ibero-American Federation of Physical Societies (FEIASOFI)
Teaching Intuition in Honduras
Russian-American Scientist Association
The Bologna Process: a voluntary harmonization of the European higher education system
The Starting Grants given by the European Research Council (ERC): a tremendous boost to the careers of young scientists
Brazil a Great Place to do Physics …and Other Things
Graduate School: Envisioning a Future of International Collaboration
China, Sputnik, and American Science
The International Commission on Physics Education Celebrates 50+ Years
Committee on International Freedom of Scientists Combats Rights Violations Worldwide
The Jasmine Revolution
Dutch students tour scientific America Amsterdam to New Amsterdam and beyond
Renewable Energy Research in Norway
Symbolic farewell
Physics on the (dirt) road in Kenya
Indo-US Student Visitation Program: Graduate Students Building Collaborations
The African Physical Society-Perspectives from its President
Astronomy: Pakistan’s New Future?
Now is the Time for Scientific Globalization
The heirs of Nawojka: Women’s Section of the Polish Physical Society
Physics in India – complex problems and a story of great strides
Construction of the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility starts in Hamburg
Building a research culture in Qatar
The Physical Society of Visayas and Mindanao, Philippines
UK Faces Science Funding Challenges
"To speak for those who can't"
Growing opportunities for international collaboration in physics in South Africa
Shaping the Future of Physics in South Africa
X-ray Science in Australia
A physicist at the US Department of State
A Report from Siberia
How I was helped by Superman
The ITER agreement ‑‑ four decades for me and counting
The IAEA celebrates 50 years.
Physics in Lebanon: An overview and ways to help.
An open invitation to APS members to form Iranian-American physicists network group.
International efforts in homeland security R&D By Penrose Albright
Raising the level of science in developing countries
High-tech growth a priority in Central and Eastern Europe
Good for Physics and other Sciences
International security and arms control committee celebrates 25th anniversary during World Year of Physics.
Iranian string theorist Hessamaddin Arfaei delivers Beller Lecture, promotes international collaboration
Langer, Lerch foster closer ties with Indian scientists.
APS Fosters Closer Ties with Physicists in Cuba and Africa.
Roundtables Address Global Exchange, Collaboration.
Scientists from ten African countries gathered in Dakar, Senegal, in December for the International Workshop On Spectroscopy and Applications.
Latin American Societies Take Lead in Enhancing Physics Collaboration Internationally
Workshop Explores Collaborations in Africa
Representatives from several physical societies around the world attended an October planning meeting on international collaboration in Washington, D.C.
CIFS Rallies to Aid of Cuban Scientists Denied U.S. Visas
Catching Up With EPS Activities in 1996
Establishing Global Communication Networks in Science