Project Timeline Overview

Year 1
The Curriculum Development Team (CDT) will select six EDI Fellows, design a curriculum to train the EDI Fellows, and design a workshop for physics educators interested in building capacity to do EDI work in their classrooms. The EDI Fellows are trained by the end of Year 1 to run the workshop in Year 2.

Year 2
Each Fellow, in partnership with one of the critical conversation specialists, will lead one iteration of the EDI Workshop with volunteer groups such as the APS Committee on Education, Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, and Committee on Minorities that have a vested interest in the success of the EDI Fellows program and the EDI Workshop. The CDT will use formative feedback from these volunteer groups and the EDI Fellows to improve the workshop and finalize the curriculum.

Project Outcomes

By the end of this program, we plan to:

  • Produce an vetted training curriculum for training EDI Fellows and the workshop they will lead available in an online repository
  • Train a cohort of six physics EDI Fellows, ready to train future Fellows, teach the workshop in a variety of venues to interested physics educators, and ready to support an online community of physics educators who attend the workshop and desire additional support
  • Have a curriculum development team to support recruiting and selecting EDI Fellows and support the evolution of the curricula.
  • Applied for funding to support running the workshop, support the ongoing online community, and train additional EDI Fellows.
  • Have a plan to institutionalize the program within APS or some other structure to support the continuation of the program.
  • Created a vetted assessment tool to support constant reflection and improvement of the program.

This project is funded by the APS Innovation Fund.

Note that public workshops facilitated by the EDI fellows are not part of this grant. We will seek funding in the second year of the grant to hold public workshops for physics educators. Additionally we hope to expand the number and qualifications of individuals who can apply to be EDI Fellows with future funding as well.