Leadership Team

Martha-Elizabeth “Marty” Baylor (Carleton College, Lead PI, CDT)

Marty Baylor's CV format_pdf

Marty Baylor is currently physics faculty and Chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department at Carleton College. An experimentalist by training, her research interests lie in the area of optical signal processing and integrated optofluidic devices. Her background attending a small liberal arts college (Kenyon College), teaching at a middle and high school at a K-12 private school (Maret School), and working as an optical engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center inform her passion for teaching and supporting students from diverse backgrounds whose path through Carleton intersect with the department. She has served as chair of the APS Committee on Education and has developed many of her own materials to do EDI work in her physics classroom. Marty is the Lead PI on this project and serves as a physics member of the Curriculum Development Team (CDT).

Marty Baylor

Jesús Pando (DePaul University, Co-PI, CDT)

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Jesús Pando is the Chair of Physics and Astrophysics Department at DePaul University. An astrophysicist by training, his research involves the characterization of large scale structure in the universe. He has long been involved in EDI efforts in STEM, currently serving on the APS IDEA program steering committee and on the APS IGEN Bridge program advisory committee. In the past, he has served on and chaired the APS Committee on Minorities, was on the organizing committee and served as the chair of the new APS Forum on Diversity and Inclusion, was on the panel on the State of the Profession for the National Academies 2020 Decadal survey, served for many years on the board of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists, and was involved in many other task forces and committees to address the inequities for historically minoritized communities in STEM. Jesús is co-PI on this project and serves as a physics member of the Curriculum Development Team.

Jesus Pando

Peggy O'Neill (Smith College, Co-PI, CDT, critical conversation specialist)

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Margaret “Peggy” O’Neill is currently assistant professor at the Smith College School for Social Work where she served as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for three years. As a clinical social worker by training and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she is an educator and researcher with expertise in holding critical conversations in the classroom and beyond and co-creator of the Critical Conversations model. Peggy focuses her scholarship on community trauma and capacity building using intersectional and anti-oppressive praxis. Evaluation of the CC model has been undertaken through development and implementation of multiple trainings for social work faculty, undergraduate faculty at Smith College, and faculty from other university and college schools of social work and health sciences. She is a co-principal investigator (co-PI) on the Social Justice Conversations Project, a pilot randomized control study examining the effects of contemplative practice on the experience of undergraduate women facing the social challenge of group conversations about race, class, and gender using the CC model. Peggy is a co-PI on this project and serves as an EDI and critical conversations specialist member of the Curriculum Development Team.

Peggy O'Neill

Erika Brown (American Physical Society, Co-PI)

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Erika Brown is an Education and Diversity Program Manager at the American Physical Society. She is currently the Program Manager and a member of the Steering Committee for the APS Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance (APS-IDEA). In her time at APS, Dr. Brown has also managed a portfolio of diversity-focused programs, including the APS Bridge Program, the National Mentoring Community and the Inclusive Graduate Education Network. She has served as staff liaison to several APS units, such as the APS Forum on Diversity and Inclusion (FDI) and the APS Committee on Minorities (COM). Dr. Brown is a proud alumna of the all-women's HBCU, Spelman College, and earned her MS and PhD from Brown University. Prior to joining the APS, Dr. Brown completed a postdoc at Emory University as an IRACDA FIRST fellow, and taught several courses at Spelman College. Dr. Brown is a Co-PI and serves as APS staff liaison for this project.

This project is funded by the APS Innovation Fund.

Erika Brown

Supporting Personnel

Sharon Jones (CDT, critical conversation specialist)

Sharon JonesSharon Blackwell Jones is currently working as a licensed clinical counselor in private practice and consulting around areas of cultural competence on grants, training various agencies and lecturing on the topic in college courses. She was previously working as the lead diversity trainer at a college in South West Virginia and has served as a Counselor Education faculty member for the past 25 years at various higher education institutions. Her research interests and teaching have centered around cultural competency development and experiential cultural training for faculty, staff and students and has presented and led numerous book groups around topics of DEI. She attended an HBCU for Undergraduate training (Howard University), got a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from a PWI (Penn State) and has worked both as a K-12 school counselor and Diversity trainer at that level as well. For more information on Sharon, please visit her site. Sharon serves on the Curriculum Development Team.

Alexis Knaub (Assessment)

Alexis KnaubAlexis V. Knaub works as a researcher, evaluator, consultant, and project manager on multiple postsecondary STEM education projects. She has a bachelor’s in physics from Smith College, a master’s in physics from DePaul University, and a doctorate in physics education from Boston University. Some of her current and recent work includes: project management for the Physics and Astronomy SEA Change, external evaluation on projects integrating computation in undergraduate physics such as PICUP and a co-organizer of the Inclusive Curriculum in Physics workshop series; for more information on her work, please visit her site. She is a co-PI and the evaluator on the Data Science Education Community of Practice (DSECOP). Alexis is serving as the external evaluator for this project.