Prize Recipient

Dun Xiong Wang
University of Maryland


"For his experimental and theoretical investigations in longitudinal beam dynamics: in particular, (1) beam distribution studies, where, using experimental data on beam profile evolution, he has shown how the longitudinal beam profile is maintained by a self-consistent parabolic distribution, while the rectangular distribution erodes at the head and tail; (2) studies on the propagation of localized slow and fast waves in space charge dominated beams, where, using a novel experiment, he has measured the geometry factor; and (3) studies on bunch reconstruction techniques, where he has made important advances showing how to manipulate the beam profile; his work represents a significant achievement in beam physics research."


Dunxiong Wang was born in Shanghai, China. He attended the Shanghai University of Science and Technology and received his B.S. degree in Physics in 1982. In 1987, he came to the United States and began his graduate study at the University of Maryland at College Park. He worked with the Charged Particle Beam Research Laboratory of the Institute for Plasma Research for four years, receiving his Ph. D. in Physics in 1993. The title of his Ph.D. dissertation was "Experimental Studies of Longitudinal Dynamics of Space-Charge Dominated Electron Beams." His dissertation advisor was Professor Martin Reiser and his co-advisor was Dr. Jian-Guang Wang. This research has contributed to 14 refereed journal articles, including four articles in Physical Review Letters.

Dunxiong Wang has been employed since September 1993 as a Staff Scientist at CEBAF in Newport News, Virginia. He is working in the Accelerator Performance Group to get the accelerator operational and also works on the coherent synchrotron radiation detection project.