Prize Recipient

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Yury G. Kolomensky
University of Massachusetts


"For experimental work employing spin-dependent deep inelastic scattering which resulted in the most precise determination of spin-dependent structure functions of the neutron and led to a better understanding of the dynamics of quarks and gluons."


Dr. Kolomensky received a BS degree in Physics from St. Petersburg Technical University, Russia in May of 1991. He received his MS degree in Physics in May of 1994 and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics in May of 1997 from the University of Massachusetts with Dr. Gerald Peterson as his thesis advisor. His thesis involved research based at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center where he was involved in the precision measurement of the nucleon spin structure functions by experiments E154 and E155.

Upon completion of his Ph.D., Dr. Kolomensky joined the High Energy Physics group at California Institute of Technology as a Millikan Postdoctoral Fellow. His primary interests are in the novel tests of the Standard Model. He is a member of BaBar Collaboration at SLAC which will study the properties of CP violation in B0 decays and he is developing software for the Online system and the particle identification. Dr. Kolomensky is also working on the preparation for the E158 experiment at SLAC which will precisely measure the weak mixing angle in parity-violating Moller scattering.

Selection Committee:

Bunny C Clark (Chair), Lee L Riedinger, Henry R Weller, J J Kolata, J. Rapaport

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