Prize Recipient

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Alexander N. Skrinsky
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics


"For his major contribution to the invention and development of electron cooling and for his development and for his contributions to the physics of the electron-positron colliders at the Budker Institute."


Brief sketch of research activity
1959 - graduated the Physical Faculty of Moscow State University
1959 - 1961 junior researcher
1961 - & head of laboratory, INP
1971 - 1977 Deputy Director of INP
1978 - & Director of INP (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russian Academy of Science)
1988 - & Chairman (Academician-Secretary) of Nuclear Physics Dpt., Rus. Ac.of Sc.

1965 - Doctor of Phys. Math. Science
1969 - Professor
1968 - Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science
1970 - Academician (Full Member) of Russian Academy of Science
1999 - Fellow of the American Physical Society
2000 - Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science

1981 - 1988 Member of International Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA)
1986 - 1992 Member of Scientific Policy Council of CERN, Geneva
1989 - 1992 Chairman of Intern. Committee on Future Accelerators (ICFA)
1995 - & Member of Extended Scientific Council of DESY

1967 - Recipient of the Lenin Prize, USSR
1989 - Recipient of State Prize, USSR

Main scientific contributions: Development of the electron-electron and positron electron colliding beam method in high energy physics; Development of the VEPP family of positron-electron colliders and the cycles of hadron physics studies in annihilation processes; Development of the electron cooling method; Ionization cooling development for muon-muon colliders and for neutrino factories; Development of linear collider approach for hundreds GeV energy range; Polarized beams in storage rings and their application; Beam dynamics and beam-beam effects; Synchrotron radiation sources and its application; Free electron lasers development. Publications: Over 300 research publications in the fields of accelerator physics and technology and high energy physics.

Selection Committee:

Pief Panofsky (Chair), Henry Blosser, Maury Tigner, Norbert Holtkamp, Michael A. Harrison

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