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Larry R. Baylor [2021]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For experimental investigations in the physics of fueling magnetic fusion plasmas with hydrogenic pellets and the development and demonstration of pellet injection for use in the mitigation of edge localized modes and disruptions in fusion plasmas.
Nominated by: DPP

Tilo Doeppner [2021]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For pioneering new regimes of warm dense matter experimental science from Mbar to Gbar pressures on high-energy lasers and light sources, relevant to understanding brown dwarf and white dwarf interiors and inertial confinement fusion science.
Nominated by: DPP

John Edison Foster [2021]
The University of Michigan
Citation: For contributions to improving fundamental understanding of transport across the span of low temperature plasmas, from space propulsion to plasma-liquid interfaces, and for translating that understanding to the development of technologies that benefit society.
Nominated by: DPP

Alberto Loarte [2021]
ITER Organization
Citation: For seminal contributions to the understanding of phenomena controlling thermal and particle fluxes to material surfaces in magnetically confined systems including plasma detachment, edge-localized modes, and their control.
Nominated by: DPP

Tammy Ma [2021]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding scientific contributions and leadership in the field of intense laser-matter interactions and inertial fusion energy science.
Nominated by: DPP

Steven James Rose [2021]
Imperial College London
Citation: For significant contributions to the understanding of the atomic and radiation physics of high energy density plasmas in both laboratory and astrophysical settings.
Nominated by: DPP

Michael Swisdak [2021]
University of Maryland
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of magnetic reconnection, including diamagnetic effects, locating regions with a pressure agyrotropy, and applications of reconnection at the boundary of the heliosphere.
Nominated by: DPP

Xueqiao Xu [2021]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For wide-ranging contributions to the understanding of the tokamak edge, including edge pedestal stability and the onset and evolution of edge localized modes and for leading the development of edge simulation models and codes.
Nominated by: DPP