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The APS Fellow Archive contains records of many APS Fellows from 1921 to the present. Please note some Fellows may not be displayed or may display with limited information.

The archive is a historical record and is not updated to reflect current information. All institutional affiliations reflect the Fellows’ affiliations at the time of election to APS Fellowship.

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Jason Clark [2021]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For high-precision mass measurements critical to the understanding of nucleosynthesis, and for development of improved techniques to enable such measurements.
Nominated by: DNP

Thomas Hemmick [2021]
Stony Brook University
Citation: For leadership and innovation in developing new detector technologies for nuclear and particle physics, for teaching and mentoring new generations of physics students, and for important scientific contributions to the field of heavy ion physics.
Nominated by: DNP

Takeyasu Ito [2021]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For fundamental studies that led to the development of the world's most powerful ultracold neutron source, for its commissioning, and for its application to precision measurement of the neutron and its decay.
Nominated by: DNP

Yury Litvinov [2021]
GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research
Citation: For outstanding contributions to precision experiments employing heavy-ion storage rings for cross-discipline research in the realm of nuclear structure, atomic physics and astrophysics, and especially for seminal works on radioactive decays of highly-charged nuclides.
Nominated by: DNP

Claudia Ratti [2021]
University of Houston
Citation: For outstanding contributions to understanding the thermodynamic properties of quantum chromodynamics matter and subsequent connecting lattice results with experimental data.
Nominated by: DNP

Paul E Reimer [2021]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For important experimental insight into the structure of the proton, most notably in using the Drell-Yan reaction to measure the flavor dependence of the sea of antiquarks in the proton.
Nominated by: DNP

Artemisia Spyrou [2021]
Michigan State University
Citation: For studies using total absorption spectroscopy and the beta-Oslo technique to determine neutron-capture rates for astrophysical modeling, and for dedication to communicating science to the general public.
Nominated by: DNP

Jacobus Verbaarschot [2021]
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University
Citation: For the development of random-matrix theory methods and their applications in atomic nuclei and in nonperturbative quantum chromodynamics.
Nominated by: DNP