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The APS Fellow Archive is a historical record of APS Fellows, from 1921 to the present. Please note, some records are missing or incomplete. The details contained in the archive are intended to document an individual's institutional affiliation at the time of their election to Fellowship, and is not updated to reflect current information. For a current listing of an APS Fellow who is still an active member, or to search your institution for current APS Fellows, please use the APS Member Directory. For questions about the Fellow Archive or to inquire about a missing record, please contact APS Honors Staff at fellowship@aps.org.

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Almudena Arcones [2020]
Technical University of Darmstadt
Citation: For seminal contributions in astro- and nuclear physics, especially to the understanding of heavy elements creation in supernovae, neutron star mergers, and their associated kilonova.
Nominated by: DNP

Roger D. Carlini [2020]
Jefferson Laboratory
Citation: For intellectual leadership in a series of proton-proton and electron-proton parity violation experiments, culminating in the first measurement of the weak charge of the proton as a test of the Standard Model and the determination of the weak couplings to the up and down quarks.
Nominated by: DNP

Jason A. Detwiler [2020]
University of Washington
Citation: For outstanding contributions to key measurements by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, Kamioka Liquid Scintillator Antineutrino Detector (KamLAND), KamLAND-Zen, COHERENT, and the Majorana Demonstrator that have advanced our understanding of neutrino properties and fundamental interactions.
Nominated by: DNP

Ashot Gasparian [2020]
North Carolina A&T State University
Citation: For leadership in carrying out the world’s most precise measurement of the neutral pion radiative decay width, and for major contributions towards the resolution of the proton charge radius puzzle.
Nominated by: DNP

Cecilia Lunardini [2020]
Arizona State University
Citation: "For outstanding contributions to nuclear and neutrino astrophysics, in particular to the theoretical analysis of supernova neutrino propagation and prospects for detection."
Nominated by: DNP

Reina Maruyama [2020]
Yale University
Citation: For innovative and wide-ranging contributions to the experimental study of rare events and fundamental symmetries, especially the search for neutrinoless double beta decay, and for leadership in understanding the signature and nature of dark matter.
Nominated by: DNP

Bedangadas Mohanty [2020]
National Institute of Science Education and Research
Citation: For distinguished contributions to the study of the quantum chromodynamics phase diagram and the search for the QCD critical point in high-energy nuclear collisions at both the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the Large Hadron Collider.
Nominated by: DNP

Ingo Wiedenhoever [2020]
Florida State University
Citation: For seminal contributions to nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics, the development of the RESOLUT in-flight radioactive beam facility and the ANASEN active target detector, and for founding the Association for Research at University Nuclear Accelerators.
Nominated by: DNP