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The APS Fellow Archive is a historical record of APS Fellows, from 1921 to the present. Please note, some records are missing or incomplete. The details contained in the archive are intended to document an individual's institutional affiliation at the time of their election to Fellowship, and is not updated to reflect current information. For a current listing of an APS Fellow who is still an active member, or to search your institution for current APS Fellows, please use the APS Member Directory. For questions about the Fellow Archive or to inquire about a missing record, please contact APS Honors Staff at fellowship@aps.org.

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Geoffrey S. D. Beach [2020]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the understanding of chiral exchange interactions, spin-orbit torques, domain wall and skyrmion dynamics in magnetic thin film materials, heterostructures and nanostructures.
Nominated by: DMP

Javier Junquera [2020]
Universidad de Cantabria
Citation: For seminal contributions to ab initio materials physics of ferroelectric size effects, formation of polar skyrmions, and emergent physical phenomena in them.
Nominated by: DMP

Richard B. Kaner [2020]
University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the physics, chemistry, and materials science of nanostructured conducting polymers, superhard metals, and new forms of carbon including superconducting fullerides, carbon nanoscrolls, and graphene.
Nominated by: DMP

Maria Antonietta Loi [2020]
University of Groningen
Citation: For seminal contributions to understanding and manipulating charge transfer and excitonic states in optoelectronic devices.
Nominated by: DMP

Scott Mao [2020]
University of Pittsburgh
Citation: For contributions to the study of deformation physics and fracture of metals and nanocrystalline materials, and for pioneering work on in-situ transmission electron microscopy on phase transformation and electrochemical-lithiation.
Nominated by: DMP

Nini Pryds [2020]
Technical University of Denmark
Citation: For pioneering contributions in understanding the transport of ionic and electronic conduction at confined oxide heterointerfaces, and the response of these material systems to external stimuli, including electric and magnetic fields, light and stress.
Nominated by: DMP

Yoshinori Tokura [2020]
Citation: For pioneering contributions to multiple physical phenomena within the broad field of complex correlated electronic systems encompassing high temperature superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance in manganites, multiferroic manganites and magnetic skyrmions.
Nominated by: DMP