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Antony N. Beris [2021]
University of Delaware
Citation: For groundbreaking contributions to the theory and computation of viscoelastic flows, specifically for an innovative nonequilibrium thermodynamics-based formalism for complex fluids, and for pioneering and insightful computational studies of viscoelastic instabilities and turbulent drag reduction.
Nominated by: DFD

Daniel Bonn [2021]
Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam
Citation: For significant contributions to the mechanics and flow stability of a wide range of simple and complex fluids, including granular fluids, yield-stress fluids, concentrated suspensions, emulsions, and polymer solutions, with particular applications to shear banding, droplets, and jets.
Nominated by: DFD

L. Bourouiba [2021]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For fundamental work in quantitatively elucidating the mechanisms of droplet impact and fragmentation, and for pioneering a new field at the intersection of fluid dynamics and transmission of respiratory and foodborne pathogens, with clear and tangible contributions to public health.
Nominated by: DFD

Christine Hrenya [2021]
University of Colorado at Boulder
Citation: For key advancements in the fundamental understanding of granular matter and multiphase systems via a combination of theory, experiments, and simulations.
Nominated by: DFD

Matthew P. Juniper [2021]
University of Cambridge
Citation: For fundamental contributions to hydrodynamic and thermoacoustic stability, for physical insight into the nonlinear behavior of thermoacoustic systems, and for the application of linear stability methods and adjoint methods to wide-ranging engineering problems.
Nominated by: DFD

Thomas Peacock [2021]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For pioneering investigations into the dynamics of internal waves and internal tides in the ocean using imaginative laboratory experiments and field studies, for the identification of Lagrangian coherent structures in turbulent flow, and the application of fluid mechanics to deep-sea mining.
Nominated by: DFD

Jörg Schumacher [2021]
Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany
Citation: For spectacular work advancing the state-of-the-art simulations and a better understanding of turbulent flows, including convection, passive scalars, cloud microphysics, and universality of transition to turbulence.
Nominated by: DFD

Amy Q. Shen [2021]
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Citation: For contributions to our understanding of bifurcations and instabilities in flows of complex fluids at small length scales, and for the design of ingenious microfluidic experiments.
Nominated by: DFD