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The APS Fellow Archive is an historic record of every APS Fellow, from 1921 to the present. The details contained in the archive are intended to document an individual's institutional affiliation at the time of their election to Fellowship, and is not updated to reflect current information. For a current listing of an APS Fellow who is still an active member, or to search your institution for current APS Fellows, please use the APS Member Directory. For questions about the Fellows Archive, please contact Janay Oliver, APS Membership and Fellowship Specialist, at fellowship@aps.org.

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Brandenberger, John Russell [1999]
Lawrence University
Citation: For stimulating incorporation of laser physics in undergraduate curricula, for advocacy of undergraduate research, and for creative leadership in building an exemplary undergraduate physics program.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Gladding, Gary Earle [1999]
University of Illinois
Citation: For leadership, pedagogical insights and creativity in adapting best-practice physics pedagogy to produce an innovative, integrated curriculum for calculus-based introductory physics courses appropriate for large research universities.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Heuvelen, Van, Alan [1999]
Ohio State University
Citation: For numerous diverse contributions and leadership in physics pedagogy, conceptual development, and problem-solving skills, for example the development of Active Learning Problem Sheets (ALPS) kits.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Kirkpatrick, Larry Dale [1999]
Montana State University
Citation: For exceptional contributions to physics education as textbook author, editor/columnist for Quantum magazine, and as coach of the US Physics Olympics Team.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Lopez, Ramon E. [1999]
University of Maryland
Citation: For leadership of the Teacher-Scientist Alliance, for formalizing high-school teacher days at APS meetings, and for numerous other improvements to physics education at all levels.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Martin, Richard F., Jr. [1999]
Illinois State University
Citation: For his pioneering role in establishing computational physics as an academic discipline and for developing innovative undergraduate computational physics curricula being implemented nation wide.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Safko, John Loren [1999]
University of South Carolina
Citation: For leadership in teaching physics and astronomy to students from kindergarten through graduate school and K-12 teachers, using self-paced, distance-learning, and traditional approaches.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Schissel, David Paul [1999]
General Atomics
Citation: For developing innovative video and web-based K-12 resources for plasma physics and for providing student access to experimental facilities at the cutting edge of plasma physics research.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Slaughter, Milton Dean [1999]
University of New Orleans
Citation: For creating effective programs that attract and educate minority and female physics students and involve historically black colleges and universities in forefront research.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Taylor, Beverley [1999]
Miami University
Citation: For designing educational materials used effectively by K-12 science teachers, and particularly for developing and publicizing the physics of toys.
Nominated by: Forum on Education

Tobochnik, Jan [1999]
Kalamazoo College
Citation: For advancing and disseminating the methodology of computational physics and textbooks targeting undergraduate and graduate students.
Nominated by: Forum on Education