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Cristiano Ciuti [2021]
Université de Paris, France
Citation: For pioneering theoretical work on the quantum electrodynamics of strongly-coupled photons and electrons, and the dynamics of correlated quantum polariton superfluids.
Nominated by: DCMP

José María De Teresa [2021]
Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza)
Citation: For key contributions to the understanding of the magnetic and transport properties of ferromagnetic oxides, and of nanomaterials grown by focused electron/ion beam deposition.
Nominated by: DCMP

Alexander Golubov [2021]
University of Twente, The Netherlands
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the theory of multiband superconductivity, and the theory of superconducting hybrid and topological systems.
Nominated by: DCMP

Adrian M. Gozar [2021]
Yale University
Citation: For seminal contributions to spectroscopic and transport studies of complex oxides.
Nominated by: DCMP

Maria Iavarone [2021]
Temple University
Citation: For outstanding and pioneering studies of spatially resolved electronic structure in broken symmetry states.
Nominated by: DCMP

Peter Kuchment [2021]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For fundamental contributions to mathematical physics and inverse problems of medical imaging and homeland security.
Nominated by: DCMP

Srinivas Raghu [2021]
Stanford University
Citation: For fundamental theoretical studies of the emergent properties of quantum materials, particularly for developing controlled field theoretic approaches to such problems.
Nominated by: DCMP

Fernando Sols [2021]
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Citation: For fundamental contributions to a broad range of condensed matter physics problems, including quantum transport, superconductivity, quantum gases, and graphene plasmonics.
Nominated by: DCMP

Jeff Sonier [2021]
Simon Fraser University
Citation: For pioneering work in precise measurements of fundamental length scales in type-II superconductors and contributions to investigations of magnetism in unconventional superconductors using muon spin rotation techniques.
Nominated by: DCMP

Bernhard Urbaszek [2021]
LPCNO INSA-CNRS-UPS Toulouse, France
Citation: For sustained and significant contributions to the physics of light-charge-spin interactions in low-dimensional materials, particularly epitaxial quantum dot structures, and also novel monolayer semiconductors.
Nominated by: DCMP

Jigang Wang [2021]
Iowa State University
Citation: For discoveries of coherent excitations and out-of-equilibrium topological and magnetic phenomena, and especially of light-induced Weyl and Dirac semimetals and Higgs modes in iron-based superconductors.
Nominated by: DCMP

Hong Yao [2021]
Tsinghua University
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the theory of quantum phases of matter, novel quantum critical phenomena, and their realization in quantum materials.
Nominated by: DCMP

Yu Dapeng [2021]
Southern University of Science and Technology
Citation: For contributions to understanding the physics in low-dimensional quantum materials, such as 1D semiconductor quantum wires, 2D Dirac atomic single crystals (graphene-boron nitride), and discoveries of novel effects by tuning properties of quantum materials via opto/electrical, magnetic, and mechanical fields.
Nominated by: DCMP

Huiqiu Yuan [2021]
Zhejiang University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the research areas of unconventional superconductivity, quantum criticality, topological materials with strong electronic correlations, and superconductors with broken inversion/time-reversal symmetry.
Nominated by: DCMP