2023 APS Fellowship Allocations

The number of recommended nominees in each year may not exceed one-half percent of the current membership of the Society, excluding student members. The maximum number of Fellows that can be recommended by each unit is calculated based on either the unit’s percentage of APS members, excluding students (for Divisions and Topical Groups), or one Fellow per five-hundred unit members, excluding students (for Forums). All units may submit 1 alternate fellowship selection, which may be allocated by the Committee on Fellowship in the event of unused fellowship slots.

Atomic, Molecular & Optical 7
Astrophysics 6
Biological Physics 4
Chemical Physics 3
Computational 5
Condensed Matter 13
Fluid Dynamics 7
Gravitation 3
Laser Science 3
Materials Physics 6
Nuclear Physics 7
Physics of Beams 3
Particles and Fields 8
Plasma Physics 7
Polymer Physics 3
Quantum Information 6
Soft Matter 4
Data Science 2
Energy Research & Applications 1
Few Body Systems 1
Hadronic Physics 2
Instrument & Measurement Science 1
Magnetism & its Application 3
Medical Physics 1
Physics Education Research 2
Physics of Climate 2
Plasma Astrophysics 1
Precision Meas/Fund Constants 1
Shock Compression 2
Statistical & Nonlinear Physics 3
Diversity & Inclusion 3
Education 5
History and Philosophy of Physics 5
Industrial & Applied Physics 7
International Physics 5
Outreach and Engaging the Public 3
Physics & Society 7

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