SPIN-UP: Tables and Statistics

Tables and Statistics from SPIN-UP Report

These tables and statistics are derived from the SPIN-UP survey, which collected data in 2002 from 74% of all departments offering an undergraduate physics degree. All tables and statistics are in Chapter 5 of the SPIN-UP report, which is in PDF format.
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SPIN-UP: Survey Tables

Table 3 - Credits required for "standard" physics degree

Table 4 - Physics, mathematics, and chemistry requirements in “standard” degree programs

Table 5 - Fraction of reporting departments offering alternative physics degree tracks for various “standard” programs

Tables 6 & 7 - Effect of number of recruitment activities on three-year total of physics bachelor’s degrees

Tables 8 & 9 - Effect of number of departmental interactions on three-year total of physics bachelor’s degrees

Other SPIN-UP Statistics

  • Recruitment Activities
  • Activities to Engage Undergraduates
  • Career Information Activities
  • Alumni Destinations
  • Curricular Reform
  • Percentage of departments making significant changes to curricula and/or pedagogy in the past several years (as of the time the survey was taken)
  • Department Strengths and Challenges – Overall evaluations of undergraduate physics programs

APS Statistics on Undergraduate Physics

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