Best Practices for Undergraduate Physics Programs (BPUPP) Task Force

The goal of the BPUPP Task Force is to help departments answer challenges they already face with a collection of knowledge, experience, and proven good practice. We hope the development of a Best Practices guide will allow departments to create, improve, and assess their individual programs in a way that can respond to local constraints, resources, and opportunities, while being informed by current research and good practice within the discipline.

The Task Force has been charged with developing a guide for self-assessment of undergraduate physics programs founded on documented best practices linked to measurable outcomes. The guide will provide a physics-community-based resource to assist programs in developing a culture of continuous self-improvement, in keeping with their individual mission, context, and institutional type. The guide will include considerations of curricula, pedagogy, advising, mentoring, recruitment and retention, research and internship opportunities, diversity, scientific skill development, career/workforce preparation, staffing, resources, and faculty professional development.

In addition, the BPUPP Task Force has been charged with recommending a plan for ongoing review and improvement of this guide under the oversight of the APS Committee on Education (COE).

BPUPP Task Force Members
David Craig, Co-Chair, Le Moyne College
Michael Jackson, Co-Chair, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado Boulder
Courtney Lannert, Smith College and University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ramon Lopez, University of Texas at Arlington
Willie Rockward, Morehouse College
Gay Stewart, West Virginia University
Gubbi Sudhakaran, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Kathryn Svinarich, Kettering University
Carl Wieman, Stanford University
Lawrence Woolf, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

APS Staff Liaisons
Theodore Hodapp, Director of Project Development
Sam McKagan, Project Manager

AAPT Staff Liason
Robert Hilborn, Associate Executive Officer

Contact the Task Force
For further information, please contact the Task Force co-chairs:
David Craig, Le Moyne College
Michael Jackson, Millersville University of Pennsylvania