STEP UP 4 Women Ambassadors

STEP UP 4 Women Ambassadors are volunteer high school physics teachers that will train others on how to effectively reduce barriers for women in physics by using STEP UP 4 Women lesson materials in their classroom. The goal of the Ambassador Program is to create a community of physics teachers dedicated to improving inclusive practices in the classroom by propagating research-based lesson plans to physics teachers in order to encourage more women to pursue a physics degree. Ambassadors will work with other teacher leaders from around the country, be recognized for their work, and earn a stipend for their participation.  

Program requirements include:

  • Attending the summer 2019 AAPT Ambassador Cohort Summit at the 2019 AAPT Summer Meeting in Provo, Utah. At the cohort meeting, Ambassadors will be trained on the research and motivation behind the STEP UP program, given tools to lead their own workshops, and network with other Ambassadors to form a strong community.

  • Recruit and prepare 25-35 or more physics teachers to use program materials via in-person one-day workshops or personal outreach. Ambassadors can prepare and implement in-person trainings for teachers within their network in order to introduce them to the STEP UP 4 Women program, lessons, and everyday actions. Ambassadors will provide STEP UP leadership with details of their workshops (dates, locations, number of participants, etc.). Workshop participants will learn how to effectively use lessons and everyday actions to directly recruit, reduce marginalization of students and recognize young women to pursue physics. The following is a list of example events where they could perform workshops: in-service district events; AAPT sections; National Science Teachers Association (NSTA); American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) meetings.

  • Maintain personal contact with the teacher participants to build a sense of community, gain feedback on their implementation of the lessons and action steps and their impact on students. Ambassadors will help support the STEP UP mission by fostering a community amongst their teachers to improve their inclusive practices by supporting the existing lessons and their continued use. Workshop participants and other teachers that the Ambassadors train will provide feedback on the lessons and their student impact to the STEP UP program management team through the Ambassadors.  

  • Meet virtually at least one hour per month with the rest of the Ambassador cohort to reflect on their impact.
    The Ambassador cohort will themselves be part of a professional community that will provide feedback on the STEP UP lesson implementations by their teachers, their inclusive practices, and how to expand their use to other physics teachers.

For satisfactorily meeting the program requirements above, Ambassadors will receive a $1,000 stipend. The application is due February 1st, 2019. Ambassador appointments will be announced by February 15, 2019. Application questions should be sent to

Ambassador applicants should have a commitment to STEP UP 4 Women’s goal as well as prior leadership experience. Additionally, experience facilitating professional development is preferred. If Ambassadors are current teachers, they should plan to conduct the two STEP UP lessons with their own students, be mindful of employing the everyday actions for creating an inclusive classroom, and be willing to be reflective on how they are helping increase young women’s physics identity.