Why Organize a Teachers Day?

Hosting a Teachers Day

Resources, Advice, and Ideas

Arranging a Teachers Day Program
Collection of resources for the organization of Teachers' Day activities

Teachers Day Links
Websites for previous events, both APS and non-APS, and related resources involving high school and university connections

Strengthening ties between the high school teachers and the professional community, which have been traditionally weak, benefits both. 

Teachers Days Structure

Teachers Days are designed to:

  • Introduce physics teachers to physics research typically, and preferably, in the field of the section or division meeting.
  • Expose physics teachers to novel hands-on, inquiry-centered activities to stimulate interest in physics in high school students.
  • Allow physics teachers to become better acquainted with working physicists.
  • Bring local teachers together networking and support.
  • Develop and cultivate a stronger sense of belonging to the larger professional physics community,

Benefits to High School Students

A student's first encounter with physics is typically in the high school classroom. The better their experience learning physics, the more likely they will consider pursuing a physics major in college. High school teachers who participate in Teachers Days can bring renewed energy and enthusiasm back to their classroom, ultimately benefiting the students and helping to recruit future scientists.

Benefits to the Broader Physics Community

Teachers Days activities at the national meetings can serve to sensitize members of the section or division to the importance of supporting high school physics instruction. It can also serve to build stronger ties between local high school and university faculty.