AAPT Continuing Education Units

AAPT provides certification of professional development with Continuing Education Units (CEUs), one CEU corresponding to completion of ten hours of professional development. Teachers' day participants can obtain CEU credits as a result of their involvement in Teachers' Day. The AAPT charges teachers $25 per CEU.

Two forms, a CEU information sheet and an application form, which are provided to the Teachers' Day organizers by the AAPT, will need to be made available to Teachers' Day participants in order for them to obtain this credit. The application form needs to be customized by the AAPT for the particular meeting at which the Teachers' Day is occurring.

In order for the AAPT to provide these forms, they request a copy of the Teachers' Day agenda well in advance of the meeting, and evaluation results after the event is over. Since the AAPT must customize the CEU application form, they will need to be contacted well in advance. The AAPT contact person is Tyrell Davis, (301) 209-6403.