Attendees and Abstracts

The 2nd Graduate Education Conference participants include Department Chairs and Directors of Graduate Studies from PhD-granting physics departments in the United States, both large and small, as well as members of the physics community from industry, funding agencies, and professional societies.

Conference Organization

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The National Science Foundation supports this program under Award No. PHY-1107258.

Organizing Committee

  • Renee Diehl, Penn State University
  • Theodore Hodapp, Director of Education and Diversity, American Physical Society
  • Chandralekha Singh, University of Pittsburgh
  • Michael Thoennessen, Michigan State University
  • R Steve Turley, Brigham Young University
  • Lawrence Woolf, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
APS Coordinator:
  • Deanna Ratnikova, APS Women & Education Programs Administrator

Conference Participants

Attendees and abstracts will be posted prior to the conference.

Name Affiliation Abstract Format - PDF
Mohan Aggarwal
Alabama A&M University

Marcel Agueros
Columbia University

George Alverson
Northeastern University

Edmund Bertschinger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

C.J. Bolech
University of Cincinnati
Highlights of the Physics Graduate Program at the University of Cincinnati
Collin Broholm
Johns Hopkins University

Colin Campbell
Penn State University

Simon Capstick
Florida State University

Claudio Chamon
Boston University

Shailesh Chandrasekharan
Duke University

Jolie Cizewski
Rutgers University
Rutgers University: Challenges and Opportunities in Graduate Education in Physics and Astronomy
Megan Comins
Cornell University

Axel Cortes Cubero
CUNY Graduate Center

Richard Creswick
University of South Carolina

Beth Cunningham
American Association of Physics Teachers

Ricardo Decca
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
The Physics Graduate Program at IUPUI
Belay Demoz
Howard University
Department of Physics & Astronomy at Howard University: An Overview of the Graduate Program
Renee Diehl
Penn State University

Volkmar Dierolf
Lehigh University
Freshman Physics for Graduate Students
Vernessa Edwards
Alabama A&M University

Sarah Eno
University of Maryland

Gary Farlow
Wright State University

Hume Feldman
University of Kansas

Hendrik Ferdinande
European Physical Society & Ghent University
Physics Graduate Education in Europe
Joan Frye
Office of Science & Technology Policy

Tom Furtak
Colorado School of Mines
Combined Degree Programs
Carl Gagliardi
Texas A&M University

Juilo Gea-Banacloche
University of Arkansas

Zelda Gills
Lockheed Martin

Jack Hein
American Institute of Physics

Frances Hellman
University of California Berkeley

Kevin Hewitt
Dalhousie University

Bob Hilborn
American Association of Physics Teachers

Theodore Hodapp
American Physical Society

Christina Ignarra
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chueng-Ryong Ji
North Carolina State University
NCSU Physics Graduate Program Task Force Report
Anthony Johnson
University of Maryland Baltimore County

A T Charlie Johnson
University of Pennsylvania

Ivy Krystal Jones
Hampton University

Randy Kamien
University of Pennsylvania

Mark Koepke
West Virginia University

Joseph Kozminski
Lewis University

Abhishek Kumar
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Cagliyan Kurdak
University of Michigan

Amy Liu
Georgetown University

Charles Liu
CUNY Graduate Center

Mike Lopez
Sandia National Laboratory

Arlene Maclin
Morgan State University

Gary Mankey
University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Graduate Seminar: A Perpetual, One-Hour Course for All
Jim McClymer
University of Maine

Victor Migenes
Brigham Young University

Casey Miller
University of South Florida
Using Minimum Acceptable GRE Scores Adversely Impacts Diversity
JT Mlack
Johns Hopkins University

Patrick Mulvey
American Institute of Physics

Cherry Murray
Harvard University

Hisao Nakanishi
Purdue University

Jeffrey Nelson
William & Mary

Kathie Newman
University of Notre Dame

Edmund Nowak
University of Delaware

Serdar Ogut
University of Illinois at Chicago

Andrea Palounek
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Alex Panchula
First Solar

Bruce Patton
The Ohio State University

Weiqun Peng
The George Washington University

Doug Petkie
Wright State University

Alexey Petrov
Wayne State University

Monica Plisch
American Physical Society

Joseph Poon
University of Virginia

Geoff Potvin
Clemson University

Scott Pratt
Michigan State University

Kathy Prestridge
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Talat Rahman
University of Central Florida
Enhancing Physics Graduate Education and Research Opportunities at the University of Central Florida
David Reid
University of Chicago

Richard Robinett
Penn State University

Jorjethe Roca
University of Illinois at Chicago

Idaykis Rodriguez
Florida International University

Jessica Rosenberg
George Mason University

Alvin Rosenthal
Western Michigan University

Christopher Salvo
University of California, Riverside

Abhijit Sarkar
The Catholic University of America

Carlo Segre
Illinois Institute of Technology

Sean Shaheen
University of Denver

Chandralekha Singh
University of Pittsburgh

George Siopsis
University of Tennessee

Roel Snieder
Colorado School of Mines

Paul So
George Mason University

Steven Spangler
University of Iowa

Keivan Stassun
Vanderbilt University / Fisk University

Cacey Stevens
University of Chicago

Christyn Thibodeaux
Rice University

Michael Thoennessen
Michigan State University

James Thomas
University of New Mexico

Marshall Thomsen
Eastern Michigan University

Steve Turley
Brigham Young University

Meg Urry
Yale University

Koen Visscher
University of Arizona

Kenneth Voss
University of Miami

Alice White
Bell Labs

Christopher White
Illinois Institute of Technology

Fred Wietfeldt
Tulane University

Lawrence Woolf
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

Andrew Zangwill
Georgia Institute of Technology
A New Textbook for Graduate Classical Electrodynamics
Andrew Zentner
University of Pittsburgh

Stefan Zollner
New Mexico State University

Benjamin Zwickl
University of Colorado Boulder
The Physics Graduate Program at the University of Colorado Boulder