Graduate Education Conference Posters

Conference participants were invited to submit posters describing their department's experiences, plans or interests in graduate education in physics, and these were presented at a session the evening prior to the conference.

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Hendrik Ferdinande, European Physical Society, The Bologna Process and Physics Doctoral Studies in Europe

Huaxiang Fu, University of Arkansas, Graduate Education in the Department of Physics, University of Arkansas

Robert Hengehold, Air Force Institute of Technology, AFIT Department of Engineering Physics

Stephen Hill, University of Florida, Reducing Time to Degree and Improving Efficiency: Seven Years Later

Alaina Levine and Sheila Tobias, University of Arizona, Growing the Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Physics

Alfred Marcus, Howard University, An Overview of the Howard University GK-12 Project

Jim McClymer, University of Maine, Graduate Programs at the University of Maine

Laszlo Mihaly, SUNY Stony Brook, Graduate Physics and Astronomy Program in Stony Brook

Kathie Newman, Univ of Notre Dame, The Notre Dame Summer Qualifier Preparation Course

Amber Stuver, LIGO/CalTech, A Graduate Student's Expectation of Graduate Education

Janet Tate, Oregon State University, Ongoing Reforms of the Graduate Program at Oregon State University: Curriculum and Professional Development

Michael Thoennessen, Michigan State University, Summary of the AAPT Panel Discussions on Graduate Education

Marshall Thomsen, Eastern Michigan University, The Module Course as a Way of Accommodating Students with Varied Backgrounds

Edward van Keuren, Georgetown University, The Industrial Leadership in Physics Graduate Program the Georgetown University

Patricia Viele, Cornell University, Information Fluency and Graduate Education

Julia Ward, National Inventors Hall of Fame,  The Collegiate Inventors Competition