Attendees and Abstracts

Graduate Education in Physics: Which Way Forward? Conference

Education Conference 2008

Graduate Education Conference 2008
Program and Speaker Notes
Attendees and Abstracts

Graduate Education Conference participants included Directors of Graduate Studies from 66 PhD-granting physics departments in the United States, both large and small, as well as members of the physics community from industry, funding agencies, and professional societies.

Conference Organization

NSF LogoThe National Science Foundation supported this program under Award No. PHY-0701352.

Organizing Committee
  • Janet Tate, Oregon State University, APS Committee on Education
  • Theodore Hodapp, Director of Education and Diversity, American Physical Society
  • Chandralekha Singh, University of Pittsburgh, APS Committee on Education
  • Michael Thoennessen, Michigan State University, AAPT Committee on Graduate Education in Physics
APS Coordinator
  • Sue Otwell, APS Women & Education Programs Administrator
Advisory Committee
  • Renee Diehl, Professor of Physics, Penn State University; Member of the Joint APS-AAPT Task Force on Graduate Education in Physics
  • Steven Girvin, Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics & Applied Physics; former Director of Graduate Studies, Yale University
  • Kenneth Heller, Past President (2006), American Association of Physics Teachers; Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota
  • Theodore Hodapp, Director of Education and Diversity, American Physical Society; Professor of Physics, Hamline University.
  • John Markert, Professor and Chair of Physics, University of Texas, Austin
  • Margaret Murnane, Professor & Assoc. Chair of Graduate Studies of Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder; Fellow of JILA
  • Horst Stormer, Professor of Physics & Applied Physics, Columbia University, Nobel Laureate & former Director of the Physical Research Laboratory, Bell Laboratories.
Name Institution Abstract (pdf)
Abraham, Eric University of Oklahoma  
Alfred, Marcus
Howard University
An Overview of the Howard University GK-12 Program
Alverson, George Northeastern University  
Beichner, Robert
North Carolina State University
Boylan, Miles (Speaker)
National Science Foundation
Brill, Joseph University of Kentucky  
Carlip, Steve (Speaker)
University of California Davis
Carlsmith, Duncan
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chandrasekharan, Shailesh Duke University  
Chatterjee, Bijoy (Speaker)
National Semiconductor
Chiang, Shirley Univ of California Davis
Preparing a Diverse Population at UC Davis for Careers in Physics
Cohn, Joshua
University of Miami
Covington, Aaron University of Nevada Reno
Decca, Ricardo
Diehl, Renee (Speaker) Penn State University APS/AAPT Task Force on Graduate Education
Dienes, Keith University of Arizona
Feldman, Hume University of Kansas  
Ferdinande, Hendrik Ghent University
The Bologna Process & Physics Doctoral Studies in Europe
Ford, Arlene
Texas A&M (FGSA)
Franz, Judy  (Speaker) American Physical Society
Fu, Huaxiang University of Arkansas Encouraging Modifications in Graduate Education
Furis, Madalina
Gershtein, Yuri Florida Central University  
Graham, William
Texas Christian University
Gray, Francis University of Liberia  
Greytak, Thomas (Speaker)
Griesshammer, Harald W. George Washington University  
Halas, Naomi (Speaker)
Rice University
Heller, Ken (Speaker)
University of Minnesota
Hengehold, Robert Air Force Institute of Tech. Graduate Education for Defense Technologies at the AFIT
Hill, Stephen
University of Florida
Reducing Time to Degree and Improving Efficiency: Seven Years Later
Ho, John SUNY Buffalo  
Hodapp, Theodore
American Physical Society
Holbrow, Charlie (Speaker)
Colgate University
Does the Undergraduate Curriculum Prepare for Graduate School?
Humanic, Tom The Ohio State University  
Justiniano, Edson East Carolina University  
Kamien, Randy (Speaker)
University of Pennsylvania
Kevan, Steve
University of Oregon
Combining GK-8 Outreach Activities with Graduate Education
Koehler, Peter University of Pittsburgh  
Kolagani, Rajeswari
Towson University
Kubota, Yuichi University of Minnesota  
Kurdak, Carolyn
Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor
Langenberg, Don University of Maryland  
Lee, Frank
George Washington University
Levine, Alaina
University of Arizona
Growing the Professional Science Master's in Physics
Lopez, Ramon University of Texas Arlington  
MacDonald, James University of Delaware  
Mahanti, S.D.
Michigan State University
Markert, John T University of Texas at Austin  
McClymer, Jim University of Maine Graduate Programs at the University of Maine
Mihaly, Laszlo SUNY Stony Brook Graduate Program, SUNY Stony Brook
Misra, Prabhakar Howard University  
Moody, Joseph Brigham Young University  
Mullen, Kieran University of Oklahoma  
Murnane, Margaret
JILA/University of Colorado Boulder
Nakanishi, Hisao
Purdue University
Neuschatz, Michael (Speaker)
American Institute of Physics
Newman, Kathie University of Notre Dame The Notre Dame Summer Qualifier Preparation Course
Nowak, Ed University of Delaware  
O'Shea, Michael Kansas State University Graduate Education at Kansas State University
Palmer, Richard Duke University  
Pelcovits, Robert (Speaker)
Brown University
Philip, John The Catholic University of America
Rahman, Talat University of Central Florida Enhancing Physics Graduate Education and Research Opportunities at the University of Central Florida 
Ransome, Ronald
Rutgers University
Reid, David
University of Chicago
Rodgers, Vincent (Speaker)
University of Iowa  
Saam, William Ohio State University  
Sackett, Cass University of Virginia Graduate Studies in Physics at the University of Virginia
Scanio, Joseph
University of Cincinnati
Seidel, Sally University of New Mexico  
Sharp, Steve University of Washington  
Simpson, William
University of Delaware Library
Singh, Chandralekha (Organizing Committee)
University of Pittsburgh
So, Paul
George Mason University
Sojka, Jan Utah State University  
Stack, John University of Illinois Urbana Champaign  
Stassun, Keivan (Speaker)
Vanderbilt/Fisk Universities
Stone, James Boston University  
Stuver, Amber
LIGO/Caltech (FGSA)
A Graduate Student's Expectation of Graduate Education
Sullivan, Greg University of Maryland  
Tate, Janet (Organizing Committee)
Oregon State University
Ongoing Reforms of the Graduate Physics Program at Oregon State University: Curriculum and Professional Development
Tedeschi, David University of South Carolina  
Thoennessen, Michael (Organizing Committee)
Michigan State University
Summary of the AAPT Panel Discussions on Graduate Education
Thomsen, Marshall (Speaker)
Eastern Michigan University The Module Course as a Way of Accommodating Students with Varied Background
Tobias, Sheila
PSM Consulting
Torre, Charles
Utah State University
van Keuren, Edward (Speaker)
Georgetown University
The Industrial Leadership in Physics Graduate Program at Georgetown University
Venkatesan, Venky (Speaker)
Neocera/University of Maryland
Verlinde, Hermann (Speaker) Princeton University
Viele, Patricia
Cornell University
Information Fluency and Graduate Education
Ward, Joyce
National Inventors Hall of Fame
The Collegiate Inventors Competition: Encouraging Graduate Education through Awards and Recognition
Wellington, Tracey
Texas A&M University (FGSA)
Wolf, Paul Air Force Institute of Technology
Yennello, Sherry (Speaker)
Texas A&M University