2015 Department Chairs Conference

June 5 - 7, 2015
The American Center for Physics
College Park, Maryland

The American Physical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers were pleased to jointly organize the 2015 Physics Department Chairs Conference. This conference is part of a series of conferences that are now organized annually.

This conference was held in conjunction with a Congressional Visit Day (CVD). The APS Office of Public Affairs (OPA) facilitates communication between physicists and Congress through CVDs. The APS OPA will assist CVD participants with setting up a meeting with their representative or senator and will provide supporting material on scientific issues of concern.

The chairs conference is designed by chairs for chairs. The program addresses topics of significant concern to chairs, including strategies for increasing physics majors, managing faculty effectively, tying the curriculum to physics careers, and promoting diversity and inclusion, among others. In addition there were a number of opportunities for networking and discussion, including receptions, and breakout sessions by type of institution.

Steering Committee
Kay Kinoshita, Cincinnati
Pablo Laguna, Georgia Tech
Steve McCauley, Cal Poly Pomona
Brad Orr, Michigan
Beth Parks, Colgate
Quinton Williams, Howard

Staff Liaisons
Bob Hilborn, AAPT
Monica Plisch, APS

Meeting Presentations


Reimagining Physics Departments as Trends in Higher Education Break the Mold for Past Designs, Neal Abraham (Five Colleges)


Panel on Building Thriving Undergraduate Programs

Fostering Diversity in Physics Programs

Preparing Students for Careers

Reforming Introductory Physics