2008 Department Chairs Conference

The Role of Physics in Informing and Advancing Energy Research and Solutions

AAPT/APS Physics Department Chairs Conference
American Center for Physics
College Park, MD
June 6-8, 2010

  • Congressional Visits
  • Dinner Keynote Talk
    "The Global Energy Challenge"
    George Crabtree, Argonne National Laboratory
Session I: Energy Research and Energy Education
Chair: Dale Harlingen
  • Energy on This World and Elsewhere: An Introductory Physics Course with Appeal for a Broad Spectrum of Students
    Gordon Cates,  University of Virginia
  • Challenges for Departments Rapidly Expanding in Hot Research Fields with Active Faculty Entrepreneurship: A Photovoltaics Example
    Alvin Compaan, University of Toledo
  • Preparing Young Professionals for Opportunities in Renewable Energy
    Tom Furtak, Colorado School of Mines
  • Facing Our Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science
    Harriet Kung, Director, Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, U.S. Department of Energy
Session II: Undergraduate Physics Education
Chair: Cathy Mader
  • Engagement in Undergraduate Research: How Early and How Often?
    VJ Agarwal, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  • Contemporary Competitiveness through the Integration of Education and Research by Systemic Mentoring
    Diola Bagayoko, Southern University
  • Advanced Labs Today: How They’re Changing… and Getting Better
    Dick Peterson, Bethel University
  • Studio Physics at MIT
    Bob Redwine - MIT
Breakout Session I

Breakout Session II

Session III: Graduate Physics Education
Chair: Charles H. Holbrow
  • An Overview of Professional Science Masters and Physics Entrepreneurship Programs
    Edward Caner, Case Western Reserve University
  • A report on the conference Graduate Education in Physics: Which Way Forward? J
    Janet Tate, Oregon State University
Session IV: Teacher Education
Chair: Warren Hein
  • Teacher Education Efforts Across a University System
    Laurie McNeil, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Encouraging Physics Teaching Majors at B.Y.U.
    Steven Turley, Brigham Young University
Session V: Diversity
Chair: Ed Bertschinger
  • A Report from the Gender Equity Conference for Physics
    Meg Urry, Yale University
  • Report from AIP Liaison Committee on Under-represented Minorities in Physics
    Quinton Williams, Jackson State University
Session VI: The Doubling Initiative
Doubling the number of undergraduate physics majors
Chair: Laurie McNeil
  • Careers in Physics
    Cathy Mader, APS/Hope College
  • SPIN-UP: 5 Years Later
    Ruth Howes, Marquette University