Comment on NRC Licensing Regulations

Deadline for Comments: Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Background Information

Related Nuclear Information
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APS/POPA Report (2005)

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Technical Steps to Support Nuclear Arsenal Downsizing (2010)
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Technical Steps to Support Nuclear Downsizing cover

Why Does This Petition Matter?

Proliferation Risks Should Be Minimized
APS filed a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requesting the agency change its licensing rules to include a review of the proliferation risks associated with smaller, more efficient nuclear fuel technologies.

Detection Difficulties Need to be Addressed
In its recently released report, Technical Steps to Support Nuclear Downsizing, an APS Study Group found that smaller uranium enrichment technologies could represent proliferation game changers, leading to more efficient methods for production and use of nuclear materials that would be harder to detect.

Where Can I Read the Petition?

Long and Short Versions of the Petition
The longer original version APS sent to NRC has more background information than the abbreviated NRC summary of the same petition. 
Gray arrow  Original APS Petition to NRC Format - PDF
Gray arrow  NRC Docketed Petition

How Can I Comment?

Comment Online
You can comment online at the NRC site.
Gray arrow  Comment on the Petition


Please contact the APS Washington, DC office of Policy and Advocacy if you have any questions. We are glad to hear from you.

Francis Slakey