The Current Energy Situation & Background Papers

I. Energy Situation

I.1 The Current Energy Situation: Summary Points

II. Energy Supplies

II.1. Fossil Energy
II.2. Nuclear Fission Energy
II.3. Renewable Energy

III. Energy Demand

III.1. Energy Use Trends
III.2. Transportation and Energy Issues

IV. Other Considerations

IV.1. Climate Change
IV.2. R&D Priorities Within the Department of Energy
IV.3. Pedagogical Energy Modeling
IV.4. Energy Units

The attached brief chapters on energy issues were written by individual members of the POPA subcommittee on Energy and Environment. They have been reviewed by POPA and their posting has been authorized by POPA, but each chapter reflects the views and perspectives of its author, and not necessarily those of POPA or the APS. Any comments concerning a chapter should be sent directly to the author, although a copy to POPA at would be welcome.