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Recent Coalition Statement on the War in Ukraine

Motivated by the concern of potential nuclear dimensions to the war in Ukraine, the Coalition leadership has issued the following statement:

Nuclear weapons have not been used for more than 75 years, reflecting widespread understanding of the grave human and moral consequences of their use.

The war in Ukraine is significantly increasing the risks of nuclear use through deliberate or inadvertent escalation of the war.

The use of even a single nuclear weapon creates a substantial risk of a wider nuclear war, which could immediately kill hundreds of millions of people and leave hundreds of millions more without access to adequate food and other essentials of life.

We find running such risks unacceptable.

We agree that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought,” as reaffirmed in the January 2022 joint statement by the People’s Republic of China, the French Republic, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We call on these states to demonstrate through immediate and substantive actions their commitments in this joint declaration to “consider the avoidance of war between Nuclear-Weapon States and the reduction of strategic risks as our foremost responsibilities” and to “bilateral and multilateral diplomatic approaches to avoid military confrontations, strengthen stability and predictability, increase mutual understanding and confidence, and prevent an arms race that would benefit none and endanger all.”

We call on all nine states possessing nuclear weapons to immediately take such actions to reduce the risk of nuclear war and to pursue the ultimate goal of a world without nuclear weapons.


Nuclear Testing and New START: Nuclear Threat Reduction in 2020 and Beyond

Our September 9, 2020 panel discussion provides background on current nuclear policy topics and updates on relevant legislation. Panelists Prof. Steve Fetter (University of Maryland) and Prof. Frank Von Hippel (Princeton University) provide briefings on nuclear weapons testing and New START while Dr. Laura Grego (Union of Concerned Scientists) moderates a spirited Q&A session. Also featuring Prof. Stewart Prager (Princeton University), Dr. Sébastien Philippe (Princeton University), and Charlotte Selton (APS)

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Influencing Government Policy on Nuclear Weapons

Our June 10, 2021 webinar discussed how government policy for nuclear weapons is formed, aspects of the current political landscape for nuclear arms control, and current Coalition advocacy on no-first-use. Speakers include Laura Grego (Union of Concerned Scientists), Sharon Weiner (American University), Stephen Young (Union of Concerned Scientists), Stewart Prager (Princeton University), and Charlotte Selton (APS).

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Nuclear Arms Racing

Our September 13, 2021 webinar discussed the dynamics of a nuclear arms race between the US, Russia, and China. Speakers include Steve Fetter (University of Maryland, College Park), Laura Grego (Union of Concerned Scientists), Lyle Goldstein (Naval War College), and Pavel Podvig (United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research - UNIDIR).

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The Nuclear Dimensions of the War in Ukraine

Our March 28, 2022 briefing examined Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the connection to nuclear weapons. Speakers included Alex Glaser (Princeton University), Daryl Kimball (Arms Control Association), Pavel Podvig (United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research - UNIDIR) and Laura Grego (MIT).

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Possible Measures to Reduce the Nuclear Threat Under the Biden Administration and the New Congress

Our January 29th, 2021 webinar covers a range of policy topics including no-first-use, launch-on-warning, ICBM modernization, and presidential sole authority. Speakers include Prof. Angela Di Fulvio (University of Illinois), Prof. Steve Fetter (University of Maryland), Dr. Laura Grego (Union of the Concerned Scientists), Prof. Zia Mian (Princeton University), Prof. Stewart Prager (Princeton University), and Prof. Frank von Hippel (Princeton University).

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The Real World Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Our July 13, 2021 webinar examines the effects of nuclear weapons, including the immediate and direct effects, the impact on climate and food, and how government war planners understand these effects. Speakers include Steve Fetter (University of Maryland, College Park), Matthew McKinzie (Natural Resources Defense Council), Alan Robock (Rutger University), and Lynn Eden (Stanford University).

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President Biden's Nuclear Posture Review

Our December 3, 2021 briefing discussed the current status of the Biden Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and unpacked the biggest outstanding controversies and questions. Speakers included Jessica Sleight (Global Zero), Tom Collina (Ploughshares Fund), Laura Grego (MIT), and Charlotte Selton (APS).

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