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Upcoming Colloquia

Check back for the fall 2021 schedule.

Interested in attending a colloquium? Encourage your department to request one for your institution by contacting Coalition Organizer Charlotte Selton at Please note that colloquia are presented by the hosting institution, not APS.

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Past Colloquia

Curious where we’ve already been?

Location Date Speaker
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab June 3, 2020 Stewart Prager
University of Mississippi August 25, 2020 Stewart Prager
Vanderbilt University September 17, 2020 Frank von Hippel
University of Tennessee, Knoxville September 21, 2020 Alan Robock
University of Southern California September 23, 2020 Angela Di Fulvio
California State University, Dominguez Hills September 24, 2020 Zia Mian
University of Wyoming September 25, 2020 Rob Goldston
University of Alabama September 30, 2020 Alan Robock
Michigan Technological University October 1, 2020 Steve Fetter
Auburn University October 2, 2020 Stewart Prager
Virginia Tech October 9, 2020 Alan Robock
Santa Clara University October 12, 2020 Rob Goldston
University of Michigan October 14, 2020 Stewart Prager
UC Santa Barbara October 20, 2020 Frank von Hippel
University of Massachusetts Amherst October 21, 2020 Alan Robock
Michigan State University October 22, 2020 Angela Di Fulvio
University of Alabama Birmingham October 23, 2020 Fred Lamb
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University October 29, 2020 Fred Lamb
UC Riverside November 5, 2020 Sebastien Philippe
California State University, Los Angeles November 12, 2020 Laura Grego
Case Western Reserve University November 19, 2020 Steve Fetter
UC San Diego November 19, 2020 Frank von Hippel
Wayne State University December 3, 2020 Laura Grego
University at Buffalo, SUNY December 10, 2020 Laura Grego
Dartmouth College January 13, 2021 Laura Grego
University of Nebraska - Lincoln January 21, 2021 Steve Fetter
University of Hawaii January 21, 2021 Raymond Jeanloz
University of Alabama - Huntsville January 26, 2021 Stewart Prager
University of Minnesota January 28, 2021 Steve Fetter
New Mexico State University January 28, 2021 Frank von Hippel
University of Connecticut January 29, 2021 Stewart Prager
Iowa State University February 1, 2021 Zia Mian
University of Rhode Island February 3, 2021 Angela Di Fulvio
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology February 8, 2021 Angela Di Fulvio
University of Iowa February 9, 2021 Fred Lamb
Washington University in St. Louis February 10, 2021 Fred Lamb
Southern Illinois University February 12, 2021 Angela Di Fulvio
Old Dominion University February 16, 2021 Sebastien Philippe
The City College of New York February 17, 2021 Zia Mian
Virginia Commonwealth University February 19, 2021 Steve Fetter
University of Missouri February 22, 2021 Alan Robock
Worcester Polytechnic Institute February 24, 2021 Frank von Hippel
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center February 25, 2021 Stewart Prager
Mississippi State University February 26, 2021 Rob Goldston
Brandeis University March 2, 2021 Zia Mian
Oklahoma State University March 3, 2021 Alan Robock
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth March 4, 2021 Fred Lamb
University of Maine March 5, 2021 Laura Grego
University of North Dakota March 5, 2021 Stewart Prager
The University of Texas at El Paso March 12, 2021 Rob Goldston
UC Berkeley March 15, 2021 Rob Goldston
Wake Forest University March 18, 2021 Frank von Hippel
UC Los Angeles April 6, 2021 Fred Lamb
UC Santa Cruz May 6, 2021 Raymond Jeanloz

To invite a Nuclear Threat Reduction expert to give a colloquium at your lab or university, please email Coalition Organizer Charlotte Selton at

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