Research Infrastructure

Congress should include research infrastructure in any future infrastructure initiative.

America’s research infrastructure is as fundamental to our economy and security as roads, bridges, and tunnels. For America to remain a leader in science, technology, and innovation, we must upgrade our research facilities and scientific equipment.

President Trump is proposing an initiative to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. APS believes that scientific research infrastructure should be included, which would involve investments for scientific facilities and equipment at national labs and universities that would be accessible by many scientists. The initiative would give new money to the federal science agencies for this purpose. Projects falling under this initiative would also align with the missions of the sponsoring agencies.

By including research infrastructure in an infrastructure initiative, the Trump administration and Congress would allow for work to begin on planned upgrades and enable the acquisition of new research equipment and instrumentation.

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The Impact of Personalized Emails

Although personalizing your email with your own experiences and anecdotes may take a few extra minutes, research shows that it is well worth the time. According to a Congressional Management Foundation survey, individualized emails are the second most effective method overall for positively influencing a member’s decision on an issue. Individualized email messages are also 64% more effective than form email messages.

Congress member decision issue graph

Furthermore, 83% of congressional staff surveyed said that it would take more than 50 form emails for them to consider taking the action requested. On the other hand, 70% of staff said that it would take less than 50 personalized emails for them to consider taking action. We encourage you to personalize your emails to Congressional members in order to maximize the impact of your voice.

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